confessions of a fast fashion shopper

confessions of a fast fashion shopper
having all of this crap makes my life so much more complicated. did you know fast fashion clothing is one of the largest contributor to landfills?

Hi, I’m Nicole, and I love shopping.  Growing up I thought the more the better.  The more jeans, sweaters, shirts, dresses, shoes, the better off I was.  It gave me more options.  But of course with more, they had to come at a lower price point and quality was frequently suffering.  I would go into whatever cheapy store and try to buy as much as I could. It didn't matter if the clothes fit, the quality was poor or the colors were off, as long as I could fit it in my budget, or more realistically on my credit card, it made me happy.  Or so I thought…  

I would go home, put my most recent treasures away, usually in my overflowing dresser because I owned so much crap and would try to wear my new clothes with my next outfit change.  Usually, they weren’t quite as awesome as I thought they were.  Some of them didn’t fit, looked cheap or didn’t match with anything else I owned.  And let’s face it, I had my closet go-tos that I loved and wore all the time and the majority of my clothes would sit there.  Frequently I had to purge because nothing else fit in my closet.  I would do my best to give them to someone who needed them, but who knows where this crap ended up, and to be honest, I really didn’t think much about it.  

Cue the online shopping era.  I would order a ton of stuff online, my new items would arrive and usually the thrill was gone.  I would realize I had 4 similar pieces in my closet or it wasn’t as perfect as I thought it was.  Then I would have boxes, marketing materials, plastic mailer bags, in addition to the new clothing, to get rid of, return, and put away.  On top of that I would feel super guilty for spending money, wasting time and wasting materials.  This had me thinking, is this obsessive shopping habit worth it?!  

As much as I love being a consumer, I love nature.  From the time I was a young kid, being in nature, in the woods, was my most favorite place in the world.  Collecting rocks, loving animals and if I had the option to walk vs. drive, walking it was.  Being a fan of nature and buying all of these clothes felt at odds but I still had no idea the harm it was doing to the earth.  It wasn't until my 30s that I started to understand that clothes were one of the largest contributors to landfills.

This blog is going to talk about my challenge with shopping; how I love being a consumer, I love mother nature and how I work on balancing the two, while running a clothing company.  simply stitchd was created with my new values in mind.  Buy less, prioritize quality and wear forever.  I wanted to start a company that gave back to our environment and to help create awareness around consuming and shopping.  I also wanted to start living a simpler life because everything already is so damn complicated.  Let's go on this journey together, I'll share my missteps, challenges and learnings but I believe we can become more conscious and conscientious consumers together.

Peace, love, tees & trees,